Extending /proc/*/maps

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Wed May 11 10:32:00 GMT 2011

Hi Ryan,

On May 11 01:27, Ryan Johnson wrote:
> Hi all,
> Please find attached three patches which extend the functionality of
> /proc/*/maps.


I applied youyr two first patches with a couple of changes:

- Formatting: Setting of curly braces in class and method defintions,
  a lot of missing spaces, "int *foo" instead of "int* foo", stuff
  like that.  Please compare what I checked in against your patch. 
  That doesn't mean I always get it right myself, but basically that's
  how it should be.

- NT_MAX_PATH is the maximum size of a path including the trailing \0,
  so a buffer size of NT_MAX_PATH + 1 isn't required.

- Please always use sys_wcstombs rather than wcstombs for filenames.

- I replaced the call to GetMappedFileNameEx with a call to
  NtQueryVirtualMemory (MemorySectionName).  This avoids to add another
  dependency to psapi.  I intend to get rid of them entirely, if

> NOTE 1: I do not attempt to identify PEB, TEB, or thread stacks. The
> first could be done easily enough, but the second and third require
> venturing into undocumented/private Windows APIs.

Go ahead!  We certainly don't shy away from calls to
NtQueryInformationProcess or NtQueryInformationThread.

> NOTE 2: If desired, we could easily extend format_process_maps
> further to report section names of mapped images (linux does this
> for .so files), [...]

Sorry if I'm dense, but isn't that exactly what GetMappedFileNameEx or
NtQueryVirtualMemory (MemorySectionName) do?  I also don't see any extra
information for .so files in the Linux maps output.  What detail am I


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