Extending /proc/*/maps

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Fri May 13 06:52:00 GMT 2011

On May 12 15:30, Ryan Johnson wrote:
> On 12/05/2011 2:42 PM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >On May 12 13:53, Ryan Johnson wrote:
> >>On 12/05/2011 12:55 PM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >>>>>    heap *heaps;
> >>>>This is a misnomer now -- it's really a list of heap regions/blocks.
> >>>I don't think so.  The loop stores only the blocks which constitute
> >>>the original VirtualAlloc'ed memory regions.  They are not the real
> >>>heap blocks returned by Heap32First/Heap32Next.  These are filtered
> >>>out by checking for flags&   2 (**).
> >>Sorry, I cut too much context out of the diff. That's
> >>heap_info::heaps, which indeed refers to heap regions which we
> >>identified by checking flags&2 (that's why it needs the heap_id
> >>inside it now, where it didn't before) (++)
> >So you think something like heap_chunks is better?
> Maybe. I actually only noticed because the code snippet you
> originally sent also used 'heaps' as an identifier and the two
> clashed when I pasted it in ;)

I've renamed it to heap_vm_chunks and checked my patch in.

I'm going to follow up on the cygwin-developers list.  Now that we have
your excellent maps output, it's pretty easy to see where the potential
problems for fork are.


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