[PATCH] profile support

jojelino jojelino@gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 21:12:00 GMT 2011

On 2011-08-30 AM 5:23, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>   endif
>> ...
>> ...
>> +endif
>> +#if !defined(PROFILE)
>>       void *rv = malloc(size);
>> +#else
>> +    void *rv = LocalAlloc(LMEM_FIXED,size);
>> +#endif
> Since the code is in gmon.c then I don't see a reason to #ifdef it but I
> still don't understand the motivation for the change.  This is a major
> amount of code and it is desperately missing comments.
> Maybe Corinna will disagree but I think there is way too much code
> change here for me to be comfortable with including it.  It looks like
> it would be an ongoing maintenance issue, requiring constant vigilance
> to avoid code rot.  And, it would have to be very carefully studied to
> make sure there aren't more gotchas like 'if "" ""'.
> Sorry, but I don't see us including this.
> cgf
Yes, I see. but there would be months for the missing comments, and i 
have not enough time to test this patch for now.
and there were bugs in previous patch. so i attach the revised one.
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