Fix strace tracing of forked processes when attaching to a process with --pid

Tue Sep 13 12:05:00 GMT 2011

At the moment, --trace-children (enabled by default) only works when the 
straced process is started by using strace with a command line.

This patch uses the undocumented NtSetInformationProcess(ProcessDebugFlags) 
call to make --trace-children work when attaching to a process with --pid

This patch removes the explicit DebugActiveProcess() on each child process: In 
my testing this was not needed when the process was created using 
CreateProcess() with the DEBUG_PROCESS flag, and failed error 87 when a 
process had been attached to with DebugActiveProcess() and then had the 

In the alternative, the man page should be fixed to mention that tracing
child  processes is only possible when using a command line and not with --pid.

2011-09-12  Jon TURNEY  <>

	* (attach_process): Try to turn off DEBUG_ONLY_THIS_PROCESS
	if attaching to a process with the forkdebug flag set.
	(handle_output_debug_string): Apparently we don't need to explicitly
	attach for debugging when a child process starts
	* (strace.exe): Link with ntdll

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