Add locale.exe option for querying Windows UI languages

Corinna Vinschen
Mon Oct 10 09:53:00 GMT 2011

On Oct  9 11:31, Andy Koppe wrote:
> On 8 October 2011 16:03, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > Therefore, afaics, it would be better if we change locale to use the
> > GetFooDefaultUILanguage functions by default, and we add a modifier
> > (-r/--region?) to switch to LOCALE_FOO_DEFAULT.
> >
> > Either way, the usage output will have to be improved.  Maybe we should
> > explicitely state that the values printed refer to the Windows values,
> > and that one of them is the UI locale and the other is the... hmm...
> > how to say it..., maybe the "region settings locale" or so.
> How about having one option for each of the Windows settings, and
> dividing the help output into groups, like so:
> POSIX locale options:
>   -a, --all-locales    List all available supported locales
>   -c, --category-name  List information about given category NAME
>   -k, --keyword-name   Print information about given keyword NAME
>   -m, --charmaps       List all available character maps
> Windows locale options:
>   -u, --user-lang      Print user default UI language
>   -s, --system-lang    Print system default UI language
>   -f, --format         Print user format setting for times, numbers & currency
>   -n, --non-unicode    Print system locale for non-Unicode programs
>   -U, --utf            Attach ".UTF-8" to the result
> Other options:
>   -v, --verbose        More verbose output
>   -h, --help           This text

I had something like this grouping in mind, too.  I applied a matching
patch now.  The help text is just a bit different since it's based on
the output of the glibc locale --help text.


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