Add cygwin_internal CW_GET_MODULE_PATH_FOR_ADDR

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Oct 13 14:43:00 GMT 2011

On Oct 13 10:20, Charles Wilson wrote:
> >From discussions with Bruno Haible about the slowness of full relocation
> support in libintl and libiconv, he said:
> >   - The Cygwin API only allows me to get _all_ file names behind all
> >     addresses across the entire current process, and this is slow.
> (talking about parsing /proc/self/maps)
> >   - It would be useful to have a Cygwin API that gives me the file
> >     file name behind one particular address in the current process.
> >     This should not be that slow.
> This patch is a proof of concept for the latter.  Naturally, it needs
> additional work -- updating version.h, real changelog entries,
> documentation somewhere, etc. it worth the effort?  Is
> something like this likely to be accepted?

The first and foremost question is, what is the relocation support
in libintl trying to accomplish?  Why does a internationalization
library has to know the path of a module based on an address?
Is that a functionality required on other POSIX systems?

Can we discuss this on cygwin-developers first, please?  So far I doubt
that this makes any sense on Cygwin.


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