Christopher Faylor
Tue Nov 8 06:04:00 GMT 2011

On Mon, Nov 07, 2011 at 01:59:40PM -0700, Eric Blake wrote:
>On 11/07/2011 01:46 PM, Eric Blake wrote:
>>> Thanks. Also, even with your patches of today, ptsname() is still not
>>> thread-safe; should we be sticking that in a thread-local buffer rather
>>> than in static storage, similar to how other functions like strerror()
>>> are thread-safe?
>I didn't tackle that,
>> Also, should we have an efault handler in ptsname_r(),
>> similar to ttyname_r(), so as to gracefully reject invalid buffers
>> rather than faulting?
>but I had this additional code in my sandbox right before your commit 
>hit CVS; should I add a ChangeLog and make it a formal patch submission?

No thanks.  Except for the Copyright change in stdlib.h, there is nothing that
I think should go in.  On inspection, openpty() needs some work.


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