[PATCH] Make `makewhatis` FAQ entry explicitly refer to `whatis`

Adam Dinwoodie Adam.Dinwoodie@metaswitch.com
Fri Aug 3 09:09:00 GMT 2012


Minor FAQ patch below to make it explicit that `makewhatis` is used for
`whatis` as well as `man -k` and `apropos`. Inspired by someone [apparently
being confused][0] on Stack Overflow (yes, they were almost certainly being
lazy, but I figure being more explicit will do no harm).

[0]: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11774230/unix-cygwin-whatis-returns-all-commands-as-nothing-appropriate/11782300#comment15656666_11782300

I'm hoping this doesn't count as "significant" with regard to copyright
assignment. I'd really rather not have to deal with that tedium.

This is my first submitted patch; I *think* I've got everything right, but
apologies if not.

2012-08-03  Adam Dinwoodie  <Adam.Dinwoodie@...>

	* faq-using.xml (faq.using.man): Make relevance to whatis explicit.

Index: faq-using.xml
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/winsup/doc/faq-using.xml,v
retrieving revision 1.45
diff -u -p -r1.45 faq-using.xml
--- faq-using.xml       23 Apr 2012 22:10:37 -0000      1.45
+++ faq-using.xml       3 Aug 2012 08:55:03 -0000
@@ -238,7 +238,8 @@ related messages.

 <qandaentry id="faq.using.man">
-<question><para>Why doesn't man -k (or apropos) work?</para></question>
+<question><para>Why doesn't <literal>man -k</literal>, <literal>apropos<literal>
+or <literal>whatis</literal> work?</para></question>

 <para>Before you can use <literal>man -k</literal> or <literal>apropos</literal>, you

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