[patch]: Decouple cygwin building from in-tree mingw/w32api building

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Wed Oct 17 16:38:00 GMT 2012

Hi Kai,

On Oct 17 18:13, Kai Tietz wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> This patch modifies the bits of build-process so that cygwin and mingw
> building is decoupled from each other.
> Additionally the patch decouples cygwin's build from the w32api of mingw.org.
> By this change it is now possible to build cygwin (and utilities) with
> mingw.org's and mingw-w64's psdk and compilers.  Later are necessary
> to build cygwin's native utils, which have not to depend on
> cygwin1.dll.
> These changes are also necessary for having 64-bit build support in
> future. By this reason the mingw-script in utils/ had to learn about
> the host's architecture and about how to search for an installed
> mingw-toolchain for given architecture.  As Corinna told me that
> cygwin wants to use in question the -w64- mingw-environment, this
> script is searching first for -w64- based toolchain.  On second
> attempt it searches for any mingw triplet for given architecture.

obviously I know your patch since I tested it already (and even
accidentally checked in parts of it into the 64bit branch), so I know it
works.  However, your patch submission is broken due to wrong
line-breaks.  Can you please resend the patch, if you don't trust your
MUA, maybe better as text/plain attachment?

Oh and, btw., in the Cygwin ChangeLogs we tend to use up to 80 chars
per line.  That's not a big problem, I just want you to know for future
patch submissions.


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