[patch]: Decouple cygwin building from in-tree mingw/w32api building

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Mon Oct 22 12:24:00 GMT 2012

Hi Yaakov,

On Oct 21 16:39, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
> On Fri, 2012-10-19 at 11:33 -0500, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
> > I'll include those changes and post a new patch then.
> Revised patches for toplevel, winsup, winsup/cygwin, winsup/lsaauth, and
> winsup/utils attached.  Tested on Cygwin and F17 with mingw32-headers
> from rawhide.

The patch looks pretty well for i686.  The only nit I have left is that
the DLL_IMPORTS expression should just use ${shell ...} rather than `...`:

  DLL_IMPORTS:=${shell $(CC) -print-file-name=w32api/libkernel32.a} ${shell $(CC) -print-file-name=w32api/libntdll.a}

The lsaauth changes still give me a tiny little bit of headache, but
it's certainly an improvement over the current state, so we take it
as is and improve it when the time is ripe.

I also tested the patch in the 64 bit branch with a 64 bit compiler,
which uncovered two problems which were not visible before:

- AC_NO_EXECUTABLES is missing in doc/configure.in, lsaauth/configure.in
  and utils/configure.in.  Without this, configure tries to link with
  the target compiler, but that's not possible during bootstrap.

- OTOH, AC_NO_EXECUTABLES disables any linkage tests, so the LIBICONV
  test in utils/configure.in has to be replaced or go away.  In my below
  patch I opted for "go away".  I just replaced it by -liconv in

Index: Makefile.in
 # Check for dumper's requirements and enable it if found.
-LIBICONV := @libiconv@
 libbfd   := ${shell $(CC) -B$(bupdir2)/bfd/ --print-file-name=libbfd.a}
 libintl  := ${shell $(CC) -B$(bupdir2)/intl/ --print-file-name=libintl.a}
 bfdlink	 := $(shell ${CC} -xc /dev/null -o /dev/null -c -B${bupdir2}/bfd/ -include bfd.h 2>&1)
-build_dumper := ${shell test -r $(libbfd) -a -r $(libintl) -a -n "$(LIBICONV)" -a -z "${bfdlink}" && echo 1}
+build_dumper := ${shell test -r $(libbfd) -a -r $(libintl) -a -z "${bfdlink}" && echo 1}
 ifdef build_dumper
 CYGWIN_BINS += dumper.exe
 dumper.o module_info.o parse_pe.o: CXXFLAGS += -I$(bupdir2)/bfd -I$(updir1)/include
 dumper.o parse_pe.o: dumper.h
 dumper.exe: module_info.o parse_pe.o
-dumper.exe: ALL_LDFLAGS += ${libbfd} ${libintl} -L$(bupdir1)/libiberty $(LIBICONV) -liberty -lz
+dumper.exe: ALL_LDFLAGS += ${libbfd} ${libintl} -L$(bupdir1)/libiberty -liconv -liberty -lz
 all: warn_dumper
 	@echo '*** Not building dumper.exe since some required libraries or'
 	@echo '*** or headers are missing.  Potential candidates are:'
-	@echo '***   bfd.h, libbfd.a, libiconv.a, or libintl.a'
+	@echo '***   bfd.h, libbfd.a, or libintl.a'
 	@echo '*** If you need this program, check out the naked-bfd and naked-intl'
 	@echo '*** sources from sourceware.org.  Then, configure and build these'
 	@echo '*** libraries.  Otherwise, you can safely ignore this warning.'
Index: configure.in
-AC_CHECK_LIB(iconv, libiconv, libiconv=-liconv)
 INSTALL="/bin/sh "`cd $srcdir/../..; echo $(pwd)/install-sh -c`

If the original patch with the aforementioned changes is ok with
everybody, I'd apply it asap and remove lsaauth/cyglsa64.dll,
lsaauth/make-64bit-version-with-mingw-w64.sh, and utils/mingw.


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