[PATCH] additional sys/termios.h defines

Christopher Faylor cgf-use-the-mailinglist-please@cygwin.com
Mon Nov 5 03:08:00 GMT 2012

On Sun, Nov 04, 2012 at 08:41:46PM -0600, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
>The attached patch adds a few defines to <sys/termios.h> to make it
>compatible with Linux and *BSD.
>2012-11-04  Yaakov Selkowitz  <yselkowitz@...>
>	* include/sys/termios.h (CBRK): Define as alias of CEOL.
>	(CREPRINT): Define as alias of CRPRNT.
>	(CDISCARD): Define as alias of CFLUSH.
>	(TTYDEF_*): Define.

Seems pretty straightforward.  Please check in.



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