[PATCH 64bit] Fix ONDEE for 64bit

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) yselkowitz@users.sourceforge.net
Sun Mar 17 23:49:00 GMT 2013

On Sun, 17 Mar 2013 04:18:25 -0500, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
> I also discovered two more gcc macros which were missing updates for
> x86_64-cygwin.  I have added those patches, and incorporated your x86_64
> patches into mine, into a 4.8 branch of my gcc port:
> http://cygwin-ports.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb.cgi?p=cygwin-ports/gcc;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/4.8
> I am building native and 32-to-64 compilers with this patchset now.

libgcj needs some work, and gnat will have to wait until I can get a
native gnat 4.8, but the current tip of this branch builds successfully
for C/C++/Fortran/ObjC/ObjC++.


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