[PATCH] Fix errno codes set by opendir() in case of problems with the path argument

Oleg Kravtsov Oleg.Kravtsov@oktetlabs.ru
Mon Mar 3 18:35:00 GMT 2014

Currently cygwin has a problem with errno code set by opendir() 
function. It always sets errno to ENOENT.
After applying the path opendir() sets errno to 'ENAMETOOLONG' when path 
or a path component is too long,
'ELOOP' when a loop of symbolic links exits in the path.

Best regards,

2014-02-18  Oleg Kravtsov <Oleg.Kravtsov@oktetlabs.ru>

        * dir.cc (opendir): Set errno code depending on the type of an error
        instead of always setting it to ENOENT.

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