patch for command line containing equals sign

Weber, Mark
Thu Mar 20 21:10:00 GMT 2014

and related.

Thanks for posting how the new behavior is different from the old.
I am having a related issue, with C++ code that parses the command line.

The command line we support is something like -
  program_name   arg1  -option1=val1  -option2=val2  ...

You get the idea.

Now, with the above mentioned Cygwin patch, we are seeing the input arguments

arg1  "-option1=val1"   "-option2=val2"  ...

If this were the extent of the issue, it would be no big deal to strip off the quotes. However, the user may have put quotes on the command line himself, which Cygwin now moves around.
Such as:
  program_name  arg1  -option1="file name with spaces in it"

Is there any way to reliably tell what the user entered on the command line?

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