/packages CGI HTML modernization

Warren Young warren@etr-usa.com
Thu Jun 19 15:51:00 GMT 2014

The current CGI code that generates the package and file lists for 
http://cygwin.com/packages emits highly redundant HTML, and it is laid 
out using a huge slow-to-render table.  The attached patch shows a 
minimal way to use <ul> instead of <table>, along with some CSS and JS 
to style it in a similar way to the current look.

If JavaScript is verboten on cygwin.com, you can empirically find an 
appropriate value for the width of the package name column and put that 
in the CSS:

     ul.pkglist span {
         float: left;
         width: 185px;

All the jQuery code does is find that width value programmatically, 
which makes it robust in the face of different font sizes and such.

I have also attached a simple example HTML and CSS file, which show the 
basic idea of the change with all the distractions of the real /packages 
page stripped away.  Just put packages.* in a directory and open 
packages.html in your favorite browser.

I lack the ability to generate packages.inc here, but I expect applying 
the same concept to that script as well will have a measurable effect on 
the load time of cygwin.com/packages.  I expect it to roughly halve the 
size of the file and measurably reduce the page render time.

The contents of the attached CSS file should be inserted into one of 
cygwin.com's normal CSS files.

(I've attached all this as a tarball only to placate the text/html MIME 
filter on this list.)
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