gprof profiling of multi-threaded Cygwin programs

Jon Turney
Thu Feb 18 12:44:00 GMT 2016

On 18/02/2016 11:29, Mark Geisert wrote:
>> A brief search tells me that apparently glibc supports the
>> (undocumented) GMON_OUT_PREFIX env var which enables a similar behaviour.
> Ah, I did not know about that.  It would be easy to implement.
> So I'm leaning towards choosing file name as
> with GMON_OUT_PREFIX defaulting to "gmon.out" if unspecified.

I think if you are going to implement GMON_OUT_PREFIX, you should make 
the behaviour the same as glibc.

> Do you think the expanded name should be used in all cases, or only when
> there's a gmon.out already present?

I don't think you should be checking for an existing gmon.out file.  In 
the simple case where the program doesn't fork, it's expected that 
gmon.out will get overwritten.

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