Why /dev/kmsg was deleted from cygwin1.dll in git?

Takashi Yano takashi.yano@nifty.ne.jp
Wed Jul 4 13:01:00 GMT 2018

Hi Corinna,

On Wed, 4 Jul 2018 12:54:20 +0200
Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Jul  4 04:44, Takashi Yano wrote:
> > Why was /dev/kmsg deleted from cygwin1.dll in git?
> > Due to this change, syslogd in inetutils package no longer works.
> /dev/kmsg doesn't really give any useful information.  It was never used
> for more than some exception information, but it required a complete
> fhandler class on its own.  I wanted to get rid of the useless code.

I looked into this problem and I realized that the real cause is not the absence of /dev/kmsg but old codes in the connect_syslogd() function in

I removed these codes and confirmed that syslogd works again.

I make a patch attached. Could you please have a look?

Takashi Yano <takashi.yano@nifty.ne.jp>
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