[PATCH RFC] fork: reduce chances for "address space is already occupied" errors

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Thu Mar 28 17:50:00 GMT 2019

Michael Haubenwallner writes:
> It will not help for conflicts between dlls within a single package while this
> package is built.  I'm thinking of python modules built within the python package
> itself, where the just built modules are used within the very build process.  Not
> sure if packages using local modules during build also do use fork then, though.

It does help, that's the whole point.  But you will have to rebase all
the in-processing DLL together, as the database will only have
information on the installed DLL.  So if you build in stages, you'll
need to do something like incremental autorebase does and collect all
DLL into some file that you can then feed to

rebase -sOT dlls_to_rebase

That is slightly less convenient than using the database in persistent
mode, but it is much less of a headache when you want to throw things
away and start over since you don't need to worry about cruft in the
database file.

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