[PATCH] Cygwin: pty: Disable clear screen for ssh sessions with -t option.

Takashi Yano takashi.yano@nifty.ne.jp
Tue Oct 22 07:26:00 GMT 2019

On Tue, 22 Oct 2019 09:09:30 +0900
Takashi Yano wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Oct 2019 11:43:56 +0200
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > The (admittedly vague) idea is, maybe cmd.exe can be cheated into
> > not changing the console buffer by changing it to what it expects
> > right after creating the pseudo console...
> To do this, it is necessary to log past data written to pty and
> push them into console screen buffer when pseudo console is started.

This does not make sence because ssh session may opened from other
systems than cygwin, i.e. Linux. In this case there is no way to
know real screen contents.

Takashi Yano <takashi.yano@nifty.ne.jp>

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