[PATCH] Cygwin: console, pty: Prevent error in legacy console mode.

Brian Inglis Brian.Inglis@SystematicSw.ab.ca
Wed Nov 6 15:07:00 GMT 2019

On 2019-11-06 04:59, Takashi Yano wrote:
> ---
>  winsup/cygwin/fhandler.h          |  1 +
>  winsup/cygwin/fhandler_console.cc | 45 ++++++++++++++++++++-----------
>  winsup/cygwin/fhandler_tty.cc     | 13 +++++++++
>  3 files changed, 43 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)
> diff --git a/winsup/cygwin/fhandler.h b/winsup/cygwin/fhandler.h
> index d5aa57300..313172ec5 100644

> diff --git a/winsup/cygwin/fhandler_console.cc b/winsup/cygwin/fhandler_console.cc
> index 241759203..79fa00bdb 100644

>        /* Enable xterm compatible mode in output */
>        GetConsoleMode (get_output_handle (), &dwMode);
> -      SetConsoleMode (get_output_handle (), dwMode);


> +      if (!SetConsoleMode (get_output_handle (), dwMode))
> +	con.is_legacy = true;
> +      else
> +	con.is_legacy = false;

prefer direct result:

> +      con.is_legacy = !SetConsoleMode (get_output_handle (), dwMode);


> +      if (con.is_legacy)
> +	setenv ("TERM", "cygwin", 1);
>      }

handlers should not be changing user's env vars: that is the user's selection to
get their preferred operation in their apps.

If you need to set TERM, shouldn't you also set it appropriately for non-legacy

Perhaps it may be set as a default, only if it is not already set by the user.

There are a lot of **un**settings in cygwin compared to my TERM:

$ infocmp -Id $TERM cygwin
comparing xterm-256color to cygwin.
    comparing booleans.
        bce: T:F.
        OTbs: T:F.
        ccc: T:F.
        xenl: T:F.
        km: T:F.
        hs: F:T.
        npc: T:F.
        mc5i: T:F.
        xon: F:T.
    comparing numbers.
        cols: 80, NULL.
        lines: 24, NULL.
        colors: 256, 8.
        pairs: 65536, 64.
    comparing strings.
        acsc: '``aaffggiijjkkllmmnnooppqqrrssttuuvvwwxxyyzz{{||}}~~',
        cbt: '\E[Z', NULL.
        csr: '\E[%i%p1%d;%p2%dr', NULL.
        tbc: '\E[3g', NULL.
        mgc: '\E[?69l', NULL.
        clear: '\E[H\E[2J', '\E[H\E[J'.
        cud1: '\n', '\E[B'.
        civis: '\E[?25l', NULL.
        cnorm: '\E[?12l\E[?25h', NULL.
        cvvis: '\E[?12;25h', NULL.
        smacs: '\E(0', '\E[11m'.
        smam: '\E[?7h', NULL.
        blink: '\E[5m', NULL.
        smcup: '\E[?1049h\E[22;0;0t', '\E7\E[?47h'.
        dim: '\E[2m', NULL.
        sitm: '\E[3m', NULL.
        smpch: NULL, '\E[11m'.
        ech: '\E[%p1%dX', NULL.
        rmacs: '\E(B', '\E[10m'.
        rmam: '\E[?7l', NULL.
        sgr0: '\E(B\E[m', '\E[0;10m'.
        rmcup: '\E[?1049l\E[23;0;0t', '\E[2J\E[?47l\E8'.
        ritm: '\E[23m', NULL.
        rmpch: NULL, '\E[10m'.
        flash: '\E[?5h$<100/>\E[?5l', NULL.
        fsl: NULL, '^G'.
        is2: '\E[!p\E[?3;4l\E[4l\E>', NULL.
        ich1: NULL, '\E[@'.
        ka1: '\EOw', NULL.
        ka3: '\EOy', NULL.
        kb2: '\EOu', '\E[G'.
        kcbt: '\E[Z', NULL.
        kc1: '\EOq', NULL.
        kc3: '\EOs', NULL.
        kcud1: '\EOB', '\E[B'.
        kend: '\EOF', '\E[4~'.
        kent: '\EOM', NULL.
        kf1: '\EOP', '\E[[A'.
        kf13: '\E[1;2P', '\E[25~'.
        kf14: '\E[1;2Q', '\E[26~'.
        kf15: '\E[1;2R', '\E[28~'.
        kf16: '\E[1;2S', '\E[29~'.
        kf17: '\E[15;2~', '\E[31~'.
        kf18: '\E[17;2~', '\E[32~'.
        kf19: '\E[18;2~', '\E[33~'.
        kf2: '\EOQ', '\E[[B'.
        kf20: '\E[19;2~', '\E[34~'.
        kf21: '\E[20;2~', NULL.
        kf22: '\E[21;2~', NULL.
        kf23: '\E[23;2~', NULL.
        kf24: '\E[24;2~', NULL.
        kf25: '\E[1;5P', NULL.
        kf26: '\E[1;5Q', NULL.
        kf27: '\E[1;5R', NULL.
        kf28: '\E[1;5S', NULL.
        kf29: '\E[15;5~', NULL.
        kf3: '\EOR', '\E[[C'.
        kf30: '\E[17;5~', NULL.
        kf31: '\E[18;5~', NULL.
        kf32: '\E[19;5~', NULL.
        kf33: '\E[20;5~', NULL.
        kf34: '\E[21;5~', NULL.
        kf35: '\E[23;5~', NULL.
        kf36: '\E[24;5~', NULL.
        kf37: '\E[1;6P', NULL.
        kf38: '\E[1;6Q', NULL.
        kf39: '\E[1;6R', NULL.
        kf4: '\EOS', '\E[[D'.
        kf40: '\E[1;6S', NULL.
        kf41: '\E[15;6~', NULL.
        kf42: '\E[17;6~', NULL.
        kf43: '\E[18;6~', NULL.
        kf44: '\E[19;6~', NULL.
        kf45: '\E[20;6~', NULL.
        kf46: '\E[21;6~', NULL.
        kf47: '\E[23;6~', NULL.
        kf48: '\E[24;6~', NULL.
        kf49: '\E[1;3P', NULL.
        kf5: '\E[15~', '\E[[E'.
        kf50: '\E[1;3Q', NULL.
        kf51: '\E[1;3R', NULL.
        kf52: '\E[1;3S', NULL.
        kf53: '\E[15;3~', NULL.
        kf54: '\E[17;3~', NULL.
        kf55: '\E[18;3~', NULL.
        kf56: '\E[19;3~', NULL.
        kf57: '\E[20;3~', NULL.
        kf58: '\E[21;3~', NULL.
        kf59: '\E[23;3~', NULL.
        kf60: '\E[24;3~', NULL.
        kf61: '\E[1;4P', NULL.
        kf62: '\E[1;4Q', NULL.
        kf63: '\E[1;4R', NULL.
        khome: '\EOH', '\E[1~'.
        kcub1: '\EOD', '\E[D'.
        kmous: '\E[<', NULL.
        kcuf1: '\EOC', '\E[C'.
        kDC: '\E[3;2~', NULL.
        kEND: '\E[1;2F', NULL.
        kind: '\E[1;2B', NULL.
        kHOM: '\E[1;2H', NULL.
        kIC: '\E[2;2~', NULL.
        kLFT: '\E[1;2D', NULL.
        kNXT: '\E[6;2~', NULL.
        kPRV: '\E[5;2~', NULL.
        kri: '\E[1;2A', NULL.
        kRIT: '\E[1;2C', NULL.
        kspd: NULL, '^Z'.
        kcuu1: '\EOA', '\E[A'.
        rmkx: '\E[?1l\E>', NULL.
        smkx: '\E[?1h\E=', NULL.
        rmm: '\E[?1034l', NULL.
        smm: '\E[?1034h', NULL.
        nel: NULL, '\r\n'.
        oc: '\E]104\007', NULL.
        indn: '\E[%p1%dS', NULL.
        rin: '\E[%p1%dT', NULL.
        mc0: '\E[i', NULL.
        mc4: '\E[4i', NULL.
        mc5: '\E[5i', NULL.
        rep: '%p1%c\E[%p2%{1}%-%db', NULL.
        rs1: '\Ec\E]104\007', '\Ec\E]R'.
        rs2: '\E[!p\E[?3;4l\E[4l\E>', NULL.
'\E[%?%p1%{8}%<%t4%p1%d%e%p1%{16}%<%t10%p1%{8}%-%d%e48;5;%p1%d%;m', '\E[4%p1%dm'.
'\E[%?%p1%{8}%<%t3%p1%d%e%p1%{16}%<%t9%p1%{8}%-%d%e38;5;%p1%d%;m', '\E[3%p1%dm'.
        smglr: '\E[?69h\E[%i%p1%d;%p2%ds', NULL.
        hts: '\EH', NULL.
        tsl: NULL, '\E];'.
        u8: '\E[?%[;0123456789]c', '\E[?6c'.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This email may be disturbing to some readers as it contains
too much technical detail. Reader discretion is advised.

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