[PATCH] Cygwin: Add missing Linux #define of CPU_SETSIZE

Mark Geisert mark@maxrnd.com
Mon Dec 23 06:46:00 GMT 2019

Though our implementation of cpu sets doesn't need it, software from
Linux environments expects this definition to be present.  It's
documented on the Linux CPU_SET(3) man page but was left out due to

Addresses https://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2019-12/msg00248.html

 winsup/cygwin/include/sys/cpuset.h | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

diff --git a/winsup/cygwin/include/sys/cpuset.h b/winsup/cygwin/include/sys/cpuset.h
index 1adf48d54..572565165 100644
--- a/winsup/cygwin/include/sys/cpuset.h
+++ b/winsup/cygwin/include/sys/cpuset.h
@@ -89,6 +89,7 @@ int __sched_getaffinity_sys (pid_t, size_t, cpu_set_t *);
 #define CPU_XOR(dst, src1, src2)  CPU_XOR_S(sizeof (cpu_set_t), dst, src1, src2)
 #define CPU_EQUAL(src1, src2)     CPU_EQUAL_S(sizeof (cpu_set_t), src1, src2)
+#define CPU_SETSIZE               __CPU_SETSIZE
 #endif /* __GNU_VISIBLE */
 #ifdef __cplusplus

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