Re [Cygwin PATCH */9] tzcode resync -- for discussion only

Mark Geisert
Wed May 13 22:40:45 GMT 2020

I'm not absolutely sure yet but I think this patch set isn't complete. 
What's been posted is OK for discussion (on cygwin-developers?) but would 
need to be augmented if you're going to apply as-is.

I had a git commit/revert mishap and these are recovered file versions.  I 
belatedly discovered there's no record in the patches of my creating 
directory winsup/cygwin/tzcode or of my deleting and 
tz_posixrules.h from winsup/cygwin in my local repository.

When it becomes time to submit the final patch versions, I'll do so from a 
brand new repository.  Sorry for any confusion.


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