[PATCH 0/3 v3] Cygwin: tzcode resync

Mark Geisert mark@maxrnd.com
Fri May 22 09:32:50 GMT 2020

This is v3 of this patch set incorporating review comments on v2.  I've
minimized the size of the localtime.c.patch file by beefing up #defines
in the wrapper localtime.cc.  I believe I've addressed all comments.

This patch set has been tested on both 64- and 32-bit Cygwin.  The
initial shell opens with timezone correctly set.  xclock, date, uptime
all show the correct local time.  Overriding TZ in the environment on a
call to date, as in 'TZ=Asia/Tokyo date' shows correctly adjusted time.


[PATCH 1/3 v3] Cygwin: tzcode resync: basics
[PATCH 2/3 v3] Cygwin: tzcode resync: imports
[PATCH 3/3 v3] Cygwin: tzcode resync: details

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