[PATCH 3/3] Remove recursive configure for cygwin

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Fri Oct 23 09:27:00 GMT 2020

On Oct 22 19:57, Jon Turney wrote:
> On 22/10/2020 18:27, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > On Oct 21 20:47, Jon Turney wrote:
> > > There's doesn't seem to be much use in independently building these
> > > subdirectories,
> > 
> > Uhm... that doesn't match how I'm working in these dirs.  I'm building
> > the subdirs independently all the time, especially during debugging
> > sessions.  I'd not want to lose the ability to build in the
> > cygwin or utils dirs independently.
> Sorry for being unclear here.  What I mean here is we are currently handling
> those subdirectories as if they are independent packages, which could
> distributed and built separately.
> (See discussion of AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS in [1])
> [1] https://www.gnu.org/software/autoconf/manual/autoconf-2.69/html_node/Subdirectories.html
> This doesn't remove the ability to run make in those subdirectories.


> > > so allowing them to be independently configured seems
> > > pointless and overcomplicated.
> > 
> > There's not much of a reason to allow independent configuring, I guess,
> > but apart from the base configure run during a build from top-level,
> > I sometimes run configure only in the dir I change or add files.
> I actually skimped on writing the rules which reconfigure when needed when
> make is run in a subdirectory, as working them out seemed complex and a bit
> redundant, as when I convert to automake, it writes them for you.
> I guess I should take another look at that.
> > > The order in which the subdirectories are built is still a little odd,
> > > as cygwin is linked with libcygserver, and cygserver is then linked with
> > > cygwin. So, we build the cygwin directory first, which invokes a build
> > > of libcygserver in the cygserver directory, and then build in the
> > > cygserver directory to build the cygserver executable.
> > 
> > Does creating a new subdir called libcygserver just to build the lib
> > clean up things, perhaps?
> I did experiment with something like that, but I'm not sure if it makes
> things any clearer, as:
> (i) It's the same source files built with/without -D__OUTSIDE_CYGWIN__
> (ii) building libcygserver requires the generated file globals.h

I don't actually see a reason to keep this.

There's nothing wrong simplifying this stuff, removing mkglobals_h and
creating a static version of globals.h inside the source dir.  For
instance, defining enum exit_states or enum winsym_t in global.cc just
to generate a globals.h from there is kind of weird anyway.  Getting rid
of another undocumented perl script and getting rid of the globals.h
build rule sounds rather good to me.


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