[PATCH] Cygwin: Speed up mkimport

Mark Geisert mark@maxrnd.com
Fri Nov 27 09:56:02 GMT 2020

Achim Gratz wrote:
> Mark Geisert writes:
>> +	    # Do two objcopy calls at once to avoid one system() call overhead
>> +	    system '(', $objcopy, '-R', '.text', $f, ')', '||',
>> +		$objcopy, '-R', '.bss', '-R', '.data', "t-$f" and exit 1;
> That doesn't do what you think it does.  It in fact increases the
> overhead since it'll start a shell that runs those two commands sand
> will even needlessly start the first objcopy in a subshell.

Still faster than two system commands :-).  But thanks for the comment; I thought 
I was merely grouping args, to get around Perl's greedy arg list building for the 
system command.  After more experimenting I ended up with:
             system '/bin/true', '||', $objcopy, '-R', '.text', $f, '||',
                 $objcopy, '-R', '.bss', '-R', '.data', "t-$f" and exit 1;
Kind of ugly, but better?  It obviates the need for parent to pace itself so the 
enclosing loop runs a bit faster.


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