[PATCH 1/1] cygwin: use CREATE_DEFAULT_ERROR_MODE in spawn

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Mon Dec 7 09:43:17 GMT 2020

On Dec  4 10:35, Jeremy Drake via Cygwin-patches wrote:
> On Fri, 4 Dec 2020, Corinna Vinschen via Cygwin-patches wrote:
> > I'm not happy about a new CYGWIN option.
> >
> > Wouldn't it make sense, perhaps, to switch to CREATE_DEFAULT_ERROR_MODE
> > for all non-Cygwin processes by default instead?
> In fact, my first iteration was to set that flag unconditionally (relying
> on the fact that SetErrorMode is called extremely early in Cygwin process
> startup rather than only setting it for non-Cygwin processes), but I
> received feedback that it would be better to put it behind an option:
> https://github.com/msys2/msys2-runtime/pull/18#issuecomment-723683606

Jon, thoughts on that as GDB maintainer?


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