[PATCH 08/11] path.cc: Allow to skip filesystem checks

Ben ben@wijen.net
Mon Jan 18 17:15:07 GMT 2021

On 18-01-2021 12:36, Corinna Vinschen via Cygwin-patches wrote:
> On Jan 15 14:45, Ben Wijen wrote:
> Without any code setting the flag, this doesn't seem to make any
> sense.  At least the commit message should reflect on the reasons
> for this change.
Something like this:
    path.cc: Allow to skip filesystem checks
    When file attributes are of no concern, there is no point to query them.
    This can greatly speedup code which doesn't need it.
    For example, this can be used to try a path without filesystem checks first
    and try again with filesystem checks

If you want, I can also squash some of these related commits.


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