[PATCH] Use automake (v5)

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Mon May 3 10:43:19 GMT 2021

On May  2 16:28, Jon Turney wrote:
> On 20/04/2021 21:13, Jon Turney wrote:
> > For ease of reviewing, this patch doesn't contain changes to generated
> > files which would be made by running ./autogen.sh.
> Some possible items of future work I noted:
> * Documentation is now always built (rather than dangerously ignoring any
> errors)
> Although this is half-arsed at the moment, as we don't require the
> documentation tools at configure time, we'll just fail when the rules are
> executed if they are missing.
> Perhaps there should be explicit configuration to build documentation or
> not?

`make doc'?

It wouldn't be tricky to add that to the cygwin.cygport file...

> * Use AM_V_GEN to silence (most?) custom rules
> * -Wimplicit-fallthrough, -Werror could (should?) be set in top-level
> Makefile.am.common, rather than individual subdirs

See my other mail.

> * Some custom rules have multiple outputs and workarounds to ensure the rule
> only runs once
> Ideally these would be re-written using make 4.3 'grouped targets', but
> perhaps not yet...
> * Some custom rules could be simplified
> e.g. mkvers.sh generates version.cc and winver.rc, then runs windres on
> windver.rc
> * 'make our include directories absolute so we don't have to worry about
> making them relative to the subdirectory we happen to be building in' is
> sufficiently obscure that it at least deserves a comment.

I'm not sure I understand... -v, please?

> * Rather than a huge list of --replace options to mkimport inline in the
> Makefile, it might be more sensible to augment that tool the read a list of
> replacement names from a file, and put them there.



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