[PATCH v6] Cygwin: rewrite cmdline parser

Mingye Wang arthur2e5@aosc.io
Thu May 13 13:28:06 GMT 2021

Oh, I should also mention that this patch does *not* fix globbing with 
Windows paths. Although stuff like (in node-js):

["C:\\Qt\\*"], {encoding: 'utf-8'})

is correctly fed to glob(3), the glob() function does not perform any 
interpretation of Windows paths.  The older parser have the same 
behavior and I didn't change that, seeing there are two ways this can 
play out:

* Cygwin goes to extend glob() with the ability to do Windows paths
   under a new flag.  Globify() is modified to use that flag too.
* Cygwin does not extend glob(), so globify() is modified to skip on
   is_dos_path much like how it already skips with a strpbrk.


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