Cygwin: A few fixes for local resolver

Anton Lavrentiev
Fri Jan 14 22:10:11 GMT 2022

I am sending this patch that has fallen through the cracks almost a year ago, because I switched to a different
project and it was forgotten.  I just discovered it now, and I also added the AAAA record processing as discussed
back on Feb 1, 2021.

- Use %S (instead of %s) when a wide-character output is due;
- Use native byte order for host and add port when doing I/O with DNS server;
- Use forward way for resolv.conf's "options" processing, so listing "debug" as a
  first option, will show all following option(s) as they are read;
- Re-evaluate debug output flag after each "options" processing as it may chance.
- Added processing of AAAA records

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