here-files give "bash: 49053860: No such file or directory"

Jim Balter
Tue Apr 1 19:23:00 GMT 1997

Tye McQueen wrote:
> I installed cygwin32 B17.1 and I can't get here-files, "<<", to
> work in bash:
>     C:\> bash
>     bash$ cat >conftest.c
>     This works.
>     ^Z[CR]
>     bash$ cat conftest.c
>     This works.
>     bash$ cat >conftest.c <<EOF
>     > This doesn't.
>     > [CTRL-D]bash: 49054596: No such file or directory.
>     bash$ cat conftest.c
>     bash$
> The error message always starts with `basename $0`.  I have
> /bin/sh.exe and bash can find itself in the PATH since the
> commands "/bin/sh", "/bin/sh.exe", "bash", "bash.exe" all run
> another copy of bash [adding "/bin" to PATH doesn't help].
> Even running bash so $0 ends up as
> "//c/etm/cygnus/h-i386-cygwin32/bin/bash.exe" doesn't help it
> find itself.
> Any clues appreciated.

This has the honor of being the most f-a-q about gnu-win32.
You need to mkdir /tmp

Maybe by b19 Cygnus will get around to mentioning this in their FAQ
in some context other than byacc :-(

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