env command does not work correctly.

Fabio Somenzi fabio@joplin.colorado.edu
Thu Apr 3 20:00:00 GMT 1997

>>>>> "JDR" == John D Robertson <john@rrci.com> writes:

 JDR> Platform: Win95 / Intel Release: B17.1

 JDR> The "env" command does not set environmental variables as it is
 JDR> supposed to.  For example:

 JDR>    env ONE=one TWO=two echo_1_2

 JDR> where echo_1_2 is a sh script:

env is a command typically used in csh-like shells. With bash, you
can just say:

  ONE=one TWO=two echo_1_2

Under Linux, env works fine with both tcsh and bash.  I haven't tried
env with cygwin---I wasn't even aware of its inclusion---and right now
I have no access to my Win95 laptop. But it looks like a bug.


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