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Chris Cowan cowan@pswtech.com
Thu Apr 3 22:44:00 GMT 1997

I have gnutar image that I made in an OSF DFS environment.
Unfortunately, I made the image with absolute paths, so all of the
items start with the /... prefix.  I can't untar it because I can't
create a directory named /... or ...

I have tried to make folders in NT explorer, the DOS console and under
bash.   I've also tried to map /... and ... using the mount command.
None of these work.

Presently, I stymied.  Does anyone have a suggestion around this
problem?  Is there a util for editing/renaming the filepaths in a tar
image.  (This thing is big and on removable media a Jaz drive, so I
don't have a lot of leeway to make temp copies or move it back and
forth between Unix and DOS systems).

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