all those man requests
Thu Apr 3 22:44:00 GMT 1997

With all the requests for man/groff, here's my little addition.  I 
tried Grant Leslie's allman-cygwin32.tar.gz.  But it's made for 
systems that are not mounted in binary mode.   With a bit of his 
help, and a couple small changes to the sources, I've successfully 
built groff & man.  I put the diff files on

Just untar the appropriate package, and do "patch < file.diff".  
Groff 1.10 is available at /pub/gnu, man 1.4h from 
any linux mirros (not sure the exact location offhand).  There's also 
a patch for groff 1.09 just because I started with it.  Just run 
configure, make, and make install on the two packages.  Man needs 
configure -d.  Otherwise they compiled nicely (tons of warning is 

I may get around to packaging a ready to go package of the .exe's and 
stuff.  But that probly won't be until tomorrow (or later) sometime.

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