Hints on the accenting (dead-key) bug

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard@kubism.ku.dk
Fri Apr 4 13:11:00 GMT 1997

I have previously reporteded the accent-eating behavior of GW32. It
occurred to me that maybe it was getting done right in NT emacs, so I
took a look at the source code and actually it does seem like it is
doing something sensible in w32term.c. (This is in the ordinary emacs
19.34 sources available from all over the place).

However, I have neither the setup nor the time and diskspace required
to actually go in and modify things and test out a new CYGWIN32.DLL,
so I thought that maybe someone else would be interested in having a

The offending code in the cygwin sources is somewhere in
winsup/fhandler.cc (I think...) around the FakeReadFile and
fhandler_console::read  routines.

Recall: The bug affect all accenting, not just those producing
characters above 0x80 but also for instance pressing '^ ' on a DK
keyboard, where the '^' is a deadkey. Normally, the hat-space sequence
produces a single circumflex character, but not in GNU-WIN32. There, I
get nothing, leaving me no (simple) way of typing a ^ character to
bash. The problem disappears if readline is not used (as in cat >
file), which leads me to suspect that the problem is in the part of
FakeReadFile that gets executed if ENABLE_LINE_INPUT is false.

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