problems with String.h

James Paul Morgan
Mon Apr 7 22:56:00 GMT 1997

The g++ with Cygnus gives priority to /include/g++ over the 
/H-i386../i386/include directory.  In fact, I had to rename a .h file in 
the latter directory becuase the /include/g++ was being used instead.

An undefined reference means your program referred to that but there is 
no definition for it.  In other words, String::String() does not exist in 
any of the linked files of libraries. 

I just compiled that code with:
g++ test.cpp -lg++

That worked fine.  You just need to link against the g++ library.

On Mon, 7 Apr 1997, DRS wrote:
> #include <strclass.h>
> #include <iostream.h>
> main()
> {
> 	string str("This is a test.");
> 	cout << str << endl;
> 	return 0;
> }
> /*
> str.o(.text+0x35) undefined reference to `String::String(char co
> str.o(.text+0x4b) undefined reference to `operator<<(ostream &,
> onst &)'
> str.o(.text+0x66) undefined reference to `String::~String(void)'
> */

See ya around the Mulberry bush.



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