WinAPI compiling

Dave Smith
Tue Apr 8 03:18:00 GMT 1997

Hi, this is a repost of a question, as for some reason, the original
never came through... So if you've now read this twice, my appologies :)

I've read the faq, and tried browsing around to try and solve my
problem, but as of yet, havn't got an answer, and so I hope someone here
can help.

I'm trying to compile a Windows GUI based program, but GCC doesn't
like compiling it.
I've tried adding '-ssubsystem windows' to the command line (as is in
the FAQ), but GCC complains that :
GCC.EXE: windows: No such file or directory
GCC.EXE: unrecognized option '-ssubsystem'

And I then tried '--subsystem windows' and got

GCC.EXE: windows: No such file or directory
GCC.EXE: Invalid option '-fsubsystem'.

I tried taking these options out all together, but then it doesn't know
what lib's to use, and so i'm totally stuck... Can anyone please help me
out on what the gcc command line should read to happily compile and link
a native gui app?


P.S.  Is there a doc file anywhere explaining what all the different
libs are for?

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