GDB question

Jonathan Lanier
Tue Apr 8 10:57:00 GMT 1997

Say, I'm not having much luck debugging with GDB.  I was hoping someone 
could offer a suggestion.  I'm trying to debug a DirectX app compiled 
with beta 17.1.  I have a mono monitor attached, and I was trying to 
debug via that, but whenever the input focus gets stolen, I can't use the 
debugger; it just sits there.  I was thinking that remote debugging might 
be a viable alternative, but I can't seem to find gdbserver in the 17.1 
distribution.  Has anyone attempted to use a remote debugging setup with 
gnu-win32 yet, and does anyone know where to get a working copy of gdbserver?

I also tried debugging under NT instead of Win95, and got absolutely 
nowhere, because when I link my app (using the *exact* same .o files), 
the resulting app when run causes NT to bring up a dialog stating that 
the program is 'not an NT application'.  Weird.  (And no, I'm not 
stripping the .exe file; it's about 21 MB, with symbol information.)  Any 
clues here would be appreciated as well.

- Jonathan Lanier

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