Parallel Port Programming

Richard J. Auletta
Tue Apr 8 11:32:00 GMT 1997

> You have to write a vxd (virtual device driver) for this.
> I recently just wrote a vxd to allow a debugger to
> talk to a target board via parallel port on NT for
> a consulting work. I was considering packaging it up
> as a library objects for commercial sales (when I have
> the time :-).

I think somehow I have confused people. I just wanted to write data
out the port and read it back in. I wrote a little GCC program
with fopen and fwrite and I can copy files to my printer using the
C program compiled with gcc.....

> involved in talking to parallel port on NT. For those interested
> in writing parallel port driver, check out my web
> site in 2 weeks or so and I will post a html document on
> what they are.

I guess for those of us that just want to send data there and not manipulate
the interface an fopen on LPT1 and a fwrite will work....I have the code
to read - but don't have a test device that will respond to
a read (the code currently blocks on the read and the PP is EPP/ECP). I
am hoping the standard NT driver will handle the reads for me.

I regret the confusion.

-Rich Auletta

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