Syntax errors while compiling

Kai Szymanski
Wed Apr 9 12:34:00 GMT 1997


Yesterday i've installed the CygWin32 GCC. My first example

--- Snip

#include <stdio.h>
#include <windows32/sockets.h>

void main()
  struct hostend *h;

  h = (struct hostent *)gethostbyname("localhost");
  printf("Name:  %s\n",h->h_name);

-- Snip

A very stupid program :) If i try to compile it, the compiler
says that there is an syntax error in sockets.h in several lines. This
lines (30-40 of them) looks like this:


The compiler says the syntaxerror occurs before __FOO...

I use the normal Dosshell to run the gcc. If i compile
the wonderfull Hello-World-Program, the gcc compiles it
without any error...

What is my problem ?

Thanks for your help.

Beste regards,
  Kai Szymanski.

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