Here-Scripts in bash

Chin Chee-Kai
Thu Apr 10 02:53:00 GMT 1997

> Could beta 18's bash *please*, *please* mkdir c:/tmp if it doesn't find
> one (or make tmpfile() use the Windows temp directory if c:/tmp doesn't
> exist)? (Whine! :-)

IMHO, making tmpfile() or functions needing access to "c:/tmp" to examine
its/their environment everytime it/they are executed isn't too efficient.
This problem is more like a one-off setup thingie.  

How'bout supplying a cygnus-setup* script to be run right after
untaring the all.tar.gz file to do all the necessary one-off 
environment setup stuff, a few of which are:
	- mkdir /tmp
	- mkdir /dev ; touch /dev/zero ; touch /dev/null
	- modify autoexec.bat to include GCC_xxxxx prefix environment
	- *(suggestion): check if local directory contains a
	  "patch/" directory, and if so, applies all the patches
	  within the directory to the untarred all.tar.gz,
	- ... any other ideas? ...

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