HELP, cygn. Can't call MS dll

John Cerney
Wed Apr 16 15:44:00 GMT 1997

>  John,
>  have done your relocatable dll example (building-reloc-dll.txt) based on 
>  W95.
>  It works. 
>  But it's necessary to call dll's which aren't build by gcc.
>  Steps:
>  1. building a '.a' File from an '.lib' File with dbtool
>     dbtool --as=as -dllname mslib.dll ... --output-lib xxx.a

I assume by 'dbtool' you mean 'dlltool'?
This above step won't work. dlltool
won't make a proper '.a' file from a '.lib' or a '.dll' file. It only will make
an '.a' file from a '.def' file, which contains a list of exported names from
the dll. Ismael Jurado ( just posted a program that will
make def files from dlls last sat april 12.

>  -other stuff snipped --
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