Absolute file-path under bash (cygwin32)

Paul Prescod papresco@calum.csclub.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Apr 17 10:04:00 GMT 1997

John D. Robertson wrote:
> This is a perplexing problem because:
> 1) Pathname manipulating shell scripts will break if DOS conventions are
>    used.
> 2) Most of us hate DOS conventions.
> 3) DOS & Windows programs will not run without DOS conventions.

The above are all true.

> 4) Bash cannot know which way to translate for all cases.

Why not? If executables are marked (with ld) and pathnames are marked
(with $// or something), what's the problem?
> The optimal solution is to provide a Windows95/NT runtime environment under
> Linux, or Free BSD, etc.  

That doesn't really help us figure out what to do with gnu-win32 tools.
Even if such a thing were available, not everyone can choose their
operating system.

 Paul Prescod
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