Beta 18 bash will complain if /tmp is missing

Geoffrey Noer
Thu Apr 17 11:15:00 GMT 1997

I was asked:

> I noticed that this list doens't include the most popular FAQ problem.  Have
> you done anything about bash and it's need for /tmp for this build?  
> If not, I'll send in a simplistic patch (just have bash.exe check for /tmp
> on startup, and complain if it doesn't exist).

Yeah, this should be done.  I just added the following at the beginning of
main() in bash/shell.c which seems to do the trick:

#ifdef __CYGWIN32__
  /* verify that /tmp exists, complain if it doesn't */
    struct stat statbuf;
    if (stat ("/tmp", &statbuf) < 0)
        printf("WARNING: bash couldn't find /tmp, please create one!\n");
    else /* stat succeeded */
        if (!S_ISDIR (statbuf.st_mode))
          printf("WARNING: bash needs /tmp to be a valid directory!\n");
#endif __CYGWIN32__

Geoffrey Noer
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