Catching g++ error output

Fri Apr 18 11:52:00 GMT 1997

make 2>&1 |tee errors.txt

or make 2>&1 |tee -a errors.txt            (to append to errors.txt)

or replace make with gcc -c -o@ @ above.

> Is there any way to capture the error output from g++ when it fails on a 
> compile?  Sometimes, a few simple typos or minor bugs can generate more 
> than a screen-full of output, and so I loose the earliest lines.  
> On UNIX w/ Xwindows, I can just scroll back within the window.  But 
> Windows95 doesn't have that option.  I've tried using '>' to dump it into

> a file, but that didn't work.  (I didn't expect it to as it doesn't on 
> UNIX, but I figured I'd try.)  
> Any suggestions of some way to manipulate the bash or possibly an add-on 
> I could download or some simple trick I've just missed would be

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