Problem linking Python 1.4 w/ 17.1 on NT4.0

David Ascher
Sat Apr 19 16:58:00 GMT 1997

Hi all.

I've had good luck w/ 17.1 (my first encounter with cygwin32), got grep,
libreadline.a compiled, fine.  scsh was quite problematic, so I gave up
(no sys/un.h, arpa/nameser.h, timezone problems, etc.).

Now I'm trying Python 1.4 (  It configures just
beautifully, but fails to link: undefined references to pause, setpwent,
cygwin32_getsockopt.  Why is that?  They seem to be defined in the .h
files at least.  Are there any -l flags I should add?  [Note: there are
lots of other posix references in the Python binary -- I'm a bit puzzled
as to why those three are problematic when the others aren't].

Any hints appreciated.

--david ascher

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