*.INFO Files in GNU-Win32

Henrik Geleff hgeleff@logos.cy.net
Sun Apr 20 13:52:00 GMT 1997

Info file format is used extensively in the UN*X world, short of 
EMACS I am unaware of viewers running under windows, but the source 
is available on any recognised ftp server, most probably named 
texinfo<version>.tar.gz or .tgz. Info files are produced by TeX from 
the same text that produces the manual and the info reader is a GNU 

Texinfo compiles in any UN*X compatible environment, providing a 
working termcap or terminfo interface for screen control; the 
messages about broken terminal control ceased some time ago on this 
mailing list. 

I personally NFS-map the Windows95 drive from a UN*X environment to 
read the info files, but it is not all people that are that awkward. 

Henrik Geleff

> Date:          Sun, 20 Apr 1997 11:46:38 -0600
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> Subject:       *.INFO Files in GNU-Win32

> I'm just getting started with GNU-Win32, and I noticed that much of the
> really good documentation for it is in the form of .INFO or .INF files.
> While I can read them (sort of) in a text file viewer, they appear to be
> highly structured files, intended to be viewed with some specific
> viewer.
> Can anyone tell me if there is a .INFO file viewer available for these
> files, or where I might find some documentation on the file structure so
> that I might write my own viewer?
> TIA.
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