GNU-Win32 m68K cross compiler

David Fiddes
Mon Apr 21 00:51:00 GMT 1997

You can pick up a m68k-coff win32 compiler that isn't setup for anything
wierd and wonderful(I used --target=m68k-unknown-coff) for my web site.


Dave Fiddes, CALM Software Production Officer
Department of Mathematics, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
email - Tel: 0131-451-3251
From: Jan Ove Etterlid <>
Date: 20 April 1997 20:50
Subject: GNU-Win32 m68K cross compiler

>I am have finished  downloading the source for the "GNU-Win32 release
>beta 17.1".
>The binary is already up end running one my PC (pentium 100, Win NT
>I need a compiler for m68K-coff. I want to use it to generate code to
>run on US-robotics Pilot.
>I have already tried the "Feb 26 - win32-pilot-gcc", but these have
>limits on both code and data size (less than 32K), and I need data and
>code size of some hundred Kb.
>My idea is to use a standard Gcc m68k cross compiler and standard coff
>format (hopefully with no limitations on code and data sizes). And to
>put the user interface and OS calls in a smaller program generated with
>the already existent win32-pilot-gcc, which have all the necessary
>PalmOs library interface up and running, and start the big coff code
>from these smaller "win32-pilot-gcc" generated program and have these
>two programs interact with each other.
>These save me from a lot of work with PalmOS interface libraries.
>The problem is that I have never before built a Gcc cross compiler,
>assembler and linker from the source. And I have spent a lot of time
>reading the readme- and install files, but I do not manage to make these
>new compiler.
>Is there anyone who can give me a list of the steps I have to go to
>build a GNU-Win32 gcc cross compiler, assembler and linker which can
>produce  m68k coff format executable files, running on Win NT 3.51
>pentium PC?
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