more, less, and man
Tue Apr 22 12:24:00 GMT 1997

Hi Richie, you wrote:

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: Hi
: Are there any resources out there which have versions of more, less and =
: man and other unix stuff that works under the gnu-win32 system.
: Also is there a way to compile a program to another system such as sun =
: or something using gcc or cc?
: Could you email me the answers, please as the group I do not subscribe =
: to it was clogging my mail :)
: Cheers
: Richie
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[HTML rubbish deleted]

Please do not use quoted/printable encoding if not needed.
Last time I checked RFCs, MIME was still draft/elective, and that messes
up e.g. source listings, especially if there's no non-USASCII character
at all! (My mailer and printer can handle latin-1/8bit just fine)
The HTML part is a waste of both network and disk resources (and also paper
if printed) and there iso-8859-1/quoted-printable makes no sense at all,
since HTML has it's own encoding.

Bye, Heribert (
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