How do I cat binary files in beta 17.1 under NT 4.0?

Don Peterson
Tue Apr 22 15:22:00 GMT 1997

I have a copy of the beta 17.1 distribution and I'm running it
on Windows NT 4.0.  

I've seen strange behavior with binary files.  The first clue
was when I tried to edit a binary file with elvis while running
from bash -- the file was truncated to a much smaller size than
it should have been.

Then I noticed that a command such as

         cat <a >b

will produce a file b that looks to be a different size than a.
But they cmp the same.  Under DOS with comp, they are labelled
as different sizes.  The ls -l command shows them to be different

Your howto-bugs file intimates that this is already a well-known
problem.  I'd appreciate a pointer to a fix, patch, or work-around
if one exists.

BTW, I was tickled to find your GNU porting project.  I have to
work in an NT environment and I miss the UNIX tools.  Thanks to
all the folks who have put in a lot of work making such a thing

Don Peterson

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